About ‘Old Friends Wine’

About Old Friends Wine

In their early college years, around the turn of the century, Brian & Rob first met at work in Point Loma, a small peninsula off the western edge of the San Diego bay. They quickly became good friends.

We hit it off as co-workers and quickly found ourselves wrapped up in the same social circles enjoying our off time with mutual friends and a few drinks on many occasions.

Over the years following college in the early 2000’s Rob went on to work directly in the wine industry in both Southern Cal and later the Central Coast.

Brian stayed put and went on to get his MBA, A couple of years later he then left a corporate bank job to become his own boss building up internet businesses from scratch.

Having sold off a few businesses between 2017 and and 2020 Brian approached Rob with the idea of marrying their unique talents and creating a new business dedicated to teaching the beginner all they could ever want to know about wine.

After a lengthy discussion one Spring afternoon in 2020 Old Friends Wine was born.

We know that there are a million places to get information on the internet these days and we don’t want to just regurgitate info you can get from anywhere and everywhere so we have been building up a team of staff writers to produce content that directly answers the questions that beginners pose day-in and day-out.

Our writing team is constantly changing but one thing is key, the words we publish on this site are fact-checked, and edited by an experienced expert in the wine-making industry and then re-edited by our staff editor for readability.

Although Brian always has his watchful eye on search friendly internet-friendly styling we remain dedicated to presenting the best and most accurate information possible in a way that even a novice can understand and appreciate.

You can learn more about Rob here if you like, he’s the industry expert, and you can learn more about Brian here, he’s the technical expert and strategic lead for the business.

Thanks for reading this far! We’re real people and we appreciate it!