Basic Wine Knowledge: Your Questions Answered

Basic Wine Knowledge

Whether you are a new server, bartender, or just a budding enthusiast expanding your knowledge of wine can be intimidating and quite rewarding.

It can be easy to be sucked into lots of jargon and language that makes you feel like you don’t belong in this word.

The trick I’ve found is to remember that you and your customers don’t care a ton about what the dirt was like in Lodi back in 2017, you (and they) really only care about what tastes good and what alternatives there are.

I also find that many beginners to wine also have many more rudimentary questions about wine and the wine industry than most wineries and sommeliers devote their time to.

Here on Old Friend Wine (OFW) we have published deep-dives into all the different west-coast wine making regions. We have also published in-depth tasting notes complete with descriptive characteristics in different varietals but we also cover less glamorous topics too.

Below you’ll find a list of basic wine questions that have been asked of us over the years that (I would guess) have never made it onto any tourism brochure that I’ve ever seen.

Obviously a person itching to learn everything possible about the wine industry should learn a bit about how grapes are grown, wine is made, and how it all tastes and ages differently but we believe your first bit of knowledge should set a foundation.

Just like a cinder block is boring, some of these topics are a bit dull but reading through them all you’ll have a much stronger foundation set for higher level information that frequently goes in one ear and out the other.

Without further adieu, here are some of the most basic wine-knowledge bombs that that we that we can drop.

Please binge, and enjoy!

The Basics of Wine That Everyone Should Know

Wine 101

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