Brian Mounts, the Lazy Business Tycoon

Brian Mounts, Old Freinds Wine Managing Director
Brian Mounts relaxing at home on his off-time in Klamath Falls, OR
Brian met Rob somewhere around the end of the 90’s, probably around 1999 but that date is not certain. What is certain however is that Rob and Brian worked together during their undergrad years and then coincidentally found themselves mixed up in the same social circle.

It wasn’t long until they became close friends.

Although Rob went off to start his career first, Brian went on to finish his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He then put this degree to use in the Banking sector, working in the internal audit department for a regional bank. Much of his time was spent working with financial statements and quite a lot of third party vendors in the real estate industry.

After working for a few years for the bank Brian entered business school in 2007 and started a post-graduate program to get his MBA.

After researching and writing countless papers, and after shoring up the books on a large number of fictitious businesses in school Brian eventually earned his Master’s degree, emphasizing in Organizational Leadership, by the Spring of 2009.

At that point he continued to work on a handful of important projects at his bank job but he also began to sow the seeds for self-employment when he took on the task of learning web design, internet marketing, and self-publishing in his spare time.

Between 2009 and 2011 Brian and his wife worked and studied in the San Diego metro area until his wife took a job in Klamath Falls, OR. By the summer of 2011 Brian and his young family had relocated and he started building small internet businesses full time.

By early 2013 Brian’s primary businesses were in the coffee industry and in early 2014 he started a partnership with the owner of Gathering Grounds Cafe to start an online company coffee coffee company which he still owns and manages to this day.

Between 2015 & 2019 Brian built a handful of additional digital publishing and ecommerce businesses some of which he sold off to investors along the way and some of which he has retained for his personal portfolio.

By 2020 Brian approached Rob to start a new company in the wine industry. The idea was based on his and his wife’s mutual appreciation for wine and their shared interest in visiting nearby wineries, getting to know local wine makers around the west coast, and learning more about how the business of wine works.

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