Editorial Policy

Each piece of content published on our site goes through an extensive vetting process.

Step 1 – We hire professional English speaking writers who are experts in the wine industry.

Step 2 – Each piece on content submitted for publication by our authorship team goes then through a professional editor to ensure that it reads well and is written to a high grammatical standard.

Step 3 – Following stylistic editing each piece of content then goes through a format editor to ensure it is suitable for web publishing. This includes html styling, spacing, on-site SEO tweaks, and copy.

Step 4 – Finally each article is then reviewed, edited, and expanded upon by our staff sommelier for topical accuracy, correctness, and completeness. We only want to publish material that is as factual as possible so that you can trust every word published on our website.

We are always looking for wine professionals to write for us. If you are interested in being part of our authorship team then get in touch with us.