How To Save Canned Wine For Another Day

How To Save Canned Wine

Canned wine is a new prospect in the wine world and has been earning a lot of great reviews. In fact, many people are already warming up to the idea of taking tasty wine from a can. But there’s no doubt that this type of wine is different from other conventional types. This has led to different questions about this special type of wine including its storage.

So, how do you save canned wine? If you’ve got some canned wine left, get yourself a reusable wine bag. Keep your wine in it and squeeze out all the air from inside. Seal the container air-tight. Then keep the bag of wine in the fridge for white wine and away from direct sunlight for red. This should preserve your wine for about 3 – 5 days. The cans also have to be stored upright. Just like other types of wine, after opening the can it’s important that you store it properly.

Is Canned Wine Worth Buying In The First Place?

There are different advantages to getting canned wine. A lot of people have quickly adapted to this new type of wine and its sales have increased exponentially in the United States. It’s a fairly new market with its early history in 2014. The whole idea started when established wine companies such as Francis Ford Coppola Winery decided to put the Sofia’ Blanc de Blancs’ in well-designed wine cans.

Recently, a lot of other major brands have decided to jump on the canned wine bandwagon. The quality of the wine is increasing every time as more brands are committing resources to make it better.

Most of the canned wine in circulation did not come from a rich history of similar products. Instead, they were made available for increased convenience. This way, people could drink tasty wine from cans any time they wanted.

In different ways, it’s quite easy to enjoy wine from inside a can. Canned wine provides some benefits for the environment such as a lower carbon footprint and ensuring more effective recycling opportunities. They are also an inexpensive way to enjoy tasty wine. Another great advantage that canned wine offers is that it chills pretty quickly. This makes this special type of wine readily available at concerts, picnics, and outdoor events. This way, everyone has a can of wine in their hands instead of having to hold glass cups.

Will Canned Wine Age Well?

Canned wine has become a serious trend around the world but there have been questions about the ‘ageability’ of the product.

Most experts have advised that canned wine is supposed to be consumed a short period after purchase. However, it is possible for you to save your wine using a reusable bag and storing in the fridge for about 3 – 5 days.

Wine traditionalists have also struggled to accept the nature of the product. According to them, the product just doesn’t suit the packaging. Anyone who is a lover of aging wine or letting their wine bottles stand for some time would not enjoy this innovation. It’s impossible to buy canned wine and store till a later date as it will spoil.

The average shelf life for canned wine is just about 18 months. That’s why it ‘s enjoyed best when taken after purchase.