What Does Wine Taste Like? What Should it Taste Like?

what does wine taste like

Wine has a distinct flavor that is completely unique but there are actually many different ways to taste wine and many different flavors that can shine in a glass of wine.

Before we get into a lengthy description of how to taste wine and identify all the different flavor profiles I first want to direct you to some pieces we have already published here on the site. Each of the following posts cover different aspects of wine tasting.

How to Describe the Flavor of Wine

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Different varietals taste different too. In fact we have published full guides to the most common wine varietals here where we cover the unique flavors of each type of wine.

Additionally a single varietal of wine can taste different depending on where the grape was grown; that’s why so many care so much about the wine making region when they purchase wine from a distributor or even from their local grocery store.

We not only have published guides to each varietal of wine but we also have dedicated guides to each major wine making region on the west coast which cover the flavor characteristics of the wine from that particular region.

You can see our overview to California, Oregon, and Washington state wines here, here, and here.