Old Friends’ WINE University

Old Friend's Wine University

We have prepared curated guides to help you learn a lot of information on various aspects of wine. It’s easy to ask a simple question and get a simple answer but if you want a deep-dive into a topic then this is the place for you.

Each of the articles listed below are lengthy explanations accompanied by a series of Q&A style posts that further explore and explain their topics.


Basic Wine Knowledge Bombs

Basic Wine KnowledgeThere are just some questions that most people never think to ask when they are sitting in a winery talking with a wine maker or shopping inside the shop of a well versed wine consultant and sales person. Despite the fact that these questions are hard to get answered by a true professional we have published complete articles on each of these very basic topics. You can trust everything you read here as it was edited and published by our very own certified wine specialist and sommelier, Rob.

All About Frozen Wine

Most people don’t freeze wine on purpose but most of us have done it before at least once on accident. If you are curious about what happens to wine and what changes occur in wine when it stays in the freezer a bit too long then have a close look at this guide. It just might be a bit more educational than you expect.

What Does Wine Taste Like?

what does wine taste likeNot many people browsing our site have this specific question but we do get a lot of people new to the wine scene asking variations of this question when they come to our site. In this article we cover the main flavor profiles of wine and introduce basic comparisons of major types of wine, regional flavors, and the tastes of wine elements such as tannins, acidity, and barrel selection to name just a few.

Wine Tasting 101: What You Need To Know When Visiting a Winery

If you’ve never gone to a winery before then you might benefit from this article where we explain just what you should expect from the length of your stay, to the cost of your visit, to the particulars of what to wear, expect, and ask of your server. We even cover things like when to go and what questions you might want to ask. Wine tasting trips can be a lot of fun and being prepared before you go can make them even more memorable and educational.

How To Properly Store Wine In Your Home

Most people buy wine and the store and then drink it not long after their purchase but once you start buying wine by the case or in advance of a special occasion then proper storage becomes important. Although some types of wine and some wines that are very low in cost may not make sense to store those expensive bottles that you acquire should be kept in the best of conditions to maintain their quality over time. No matter if you are storing wine for a few days or a few years having a plan is worth the up front effort.

How To Read a Wine Label

Wine labels can be very confusing because they all seem to be formatted differently and use different terminology and language. In actuality however they are somewhat similar from country to country with all wines from France being formatted similarly while wines from other countries have mostly their own requirements. If you are like us you probably buy wines from the USA most of the timer and their labels are actually some of the easiest to understand but in this article we’ve covered a ton of information to help you out. No matter if you are looking at a California Cab or a Italian Nobile we’ve got you covered on what to look for and how to decipher what’s written on the bottle’s label.

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